“Before everyone dies, I believe they need to decide what they are running from and why.”

-James Thurber

John 20:1-10

Before I turned forty, I had two things on my bucket list that I wanted to accomplish. One was to (skydive) jump out of a perfectly good airplane, the other was to run the St. Jude full marathon. To God be the glory I accomplished both. Little did I know that eight years later I would still be running. I would love to tell you today that I can’t wait to get home to put on my running shoes and go for a jog, but that is simply not the case. This running thing is definitely a love hate relationship.

When we read verses one through four of John chapter twenty, we find everyone in the story is running. We see Mary Magdalene running from the tomb to find Peter and John because the tomb was empty. We find Peter and John running back to the tomb to see if what Mary is saying was correct. I love the fact that John tells us for all eternity that he outran Peter to the tomb. I point out this observation, because I believe that everyone of us are running. We are either running away from God, or we are running to God.

Allow me to give us some reasons that I believe we run from God. A) I believe that people with and without a relationship with Christ run from God out of fear. They fear the punishment of God. I hear so many stories of people saying, “We miscarried.” “I lost my job.” “My husband got a bad diagnosis.” “I knew that it would happen. I knew that God would pay me back from what I did back in 1993.” Please understand that is a lie from Satan himself. Please hear me, God is not mad at you! B) People run from God out of fear of rejection. What if I am not good enough? How could I have done this sin if I loved God. I fear that my sin from the past will be exposed. Let me tell you that you will never be exposed. Jesus was exposed for you. He died the most humiliating death possible as a common criminal, stripped of all His cloths and beaten beyond recognition so you will never have to be.

Now allow me to tell you why people run to God. One verse, Romans 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. It was the Gospels that saved my soul, but it was Romans 8:1 that saved my sanity. The punishment has been paid, and the sentence has been lifted, and because of this I run to a God like this. I am set free by the truth of this text. I am not under punishment. I am not under a curse. I am not going to be exposed one day, because I am in Christ Jesus.


Would you spend some time thinking about what it means to be in Christ? My prayer is that we understand that God did not create me to try harder, He created me to trust Him. Would you ask yourself the question: Am I running TO God or FROM God?