Evangelism – two very nervous people talking to each other

– J. D. Greer

Luke 10:1-20

We have all heard it, if we have been around the church for any length of time, we know that we are supposed to tell others about Jesus. Let’s be honest, is there anybody reading this devotion today that finds this command a surprise? We know that Jesus told us on several occasions to share our story. The problem today, in our churches, is we don’t do anything with that command. Why is that? I truly believe one of the reasons is Satan’s top priority for us in our life is to keep us preoccupied with anything other than the “main thing.” The “main thing” is sharing our story.

It would be this passage of Scripture, found in the Gospel of Luke, that God would use in my life to clarify my call to ministry. I remember countless nights thinking the harvest is ready, but there are not enough workers to reap the harvest for the Kingdom of God. It would be through much prayer and study that I would commit to trying to be a solution to this problem.

Eighteen years later, I still get incredibly nervous when I share my salvation story with someone. I have witnessed some incredible moments: Like the time a guy by the name of Doug accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior on the roof of a job site. How about the time a sweet girl by the name of Tori accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior after she lost her friend in a train accident? What about the high school football star by the name of Austin that gave his heart to Christ one night after youth group. The list could go on and on and on. However, there have been times that I ask God why. What about the clerk at the gas station that I felt the Holy Spirit’s prompting to share my story with that did not want to hear it? What about the family member that we invited over for dinner, then shared the Gospel only to be rejected? Our calling is to sow the seed; God will reap the harvest.


Matthew 4:18-22 Remember a farmer who does not sow is not really a farmer, an athlete who does not compete is not really an athlete, a soldier who does not fight is not really a soldier. Jesus says, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Fishers fish.

To follow Jesus IS TO FISH. “Hey, to follow me means to FISH.” Let me tell you something about the fisherman. Listen.