Frequently Asked Questions

A Home Group is a small group of 4-8 couples or 8-16 individuals that meet once a week to discuss Scripture, fellowship, and pray for the greater purpose of life transformation.

Home Groups will enjoy a sermon based curriculum.  Home Group material consists of :

• Sunday’s sermon outline
• Several questions that focus on applications of Sunday’s message.
• Parallel passages
• Prayer

Your discussion guide is available each Sunday in the Sermon Listening Guides section of the app.

Home Groups will primarily meet on Sunday night, although a few will meet on other nights of the week.

Yes, there is a weekly agenda, and a nightly agenda.

Weekly per Month:​​​​​​

• 1st & 3rd Meeting – lesson discussion
• 2nd Meeting – Meal/Fellowship only
• 4th Meeting – Man Church and Women’s Ministry
• 5th Meeting – No Adult Groups

Nightly per Meeting:

• 30 Minutes – Meet/Greet/Fellowship/Eat
• 30 Minutes – Sermon Discussion/Application
• 20 Minutes – Prayer Requests/Prayer

Home Groups meet in a Host home the first three meetings of the month and at the church on the 4th Sunday.

Couples and individuals will register for a Life Group online or at our Welcome Desk starting in April.  It’s best if people choose their life group and indicate their preferences at the Welcome Center.  However, the church Office is more than happy to help match people based on age, children, or proximity to your house.

A Home Group needs a host home, and a discussion facilitator.

The church cannot always provide childcare for Home Groups.  On Sunday nights, from 5-7 PM, our kids ministry has GROW (a highly interactive Bible based and worship experience for birth to 5th grade) that they will love! On other nights, we encourage families to bring their children to Home Group.  Childcare can be accomplished in a variety of ways; assign an adult in the group to watch the kids, older kids can watch younger kids, kids can be kept at one house and Group can meet in another, a babysitter can be hired, etc.  The Host will guide you on Monday – Saturday meetings.

Pray!!!  If any issues arise regarding a member that you feel you need help with, please notify David Smith.

Some Home Groups will get too big for effective discussion, too big for the host home, and for parking, or too big for quality care ministry.  In groups larger than 12, we want to start praying about the Lord providing a new Host Home and Facilitator.  The staff will not force groups to multiply.  The group will know when they are too large.